Don't Be Boring.

Standing out in a crowd is an absolute must if you're going to survive. 

So many companies are extremely boring in the way they approach their prospective customers. Don’t worry, we are not going to throw around a lot of buzzwords like “think outside the box” to make our point. If you are going to set yourself apart though, you definitely need to stand out. Most industries are convoluted and highly competitive. How can your company stand out? Is there something your potential customers haven’t seen yet? Is there a way you can do what your competition is doing, only better? Are you hoping for some response based solely on a numbers game? Standing out in a crowd requires careful thought and constant maintenance. To be unique you have to adapt to customers, competition, and industry trends. This is where the fun starts.

"The best companies are ahead of the curve when it comes to adapting their approach..."

Maybe there’s a company you’re competing against, that’s on top right now. That doesn’t mean they’ll stay there. Why? They may have been unique at the outset, but as time goes on, they are going to have to adapt. You might be able to overtake them or going in a direction, they haven’t even thought of yet. The best companies are ahead of the curve when it comes to adapting their approach to meet evolving market demands before the competition does. Which company are you? Are you the proactive company or the reactive company? Do you find yourself following the crowd or standing out in the crowd? Take some time to think about your approach and do something that hasn’t been done before that is really going to impact a large market share. You don’t have to control the entire market. You may be able to carve out a niche that hasn’t been tapped yet. You may find one aspect of your business is more profitable and could use more focus. Being the big fish in a small pond is not a bad thing. If you’re the big fish in enough ponds, your business will thrive.

Fear of failure often causes many to turn back when they should move forward. We are not saying you should be reckless. Being proactive doesn’t mean you have to be risky. There are ways to mitigate risk. Reactive or proactive there is always going to be some risk in every business venture. The big winners are willing to accept calculated risks, because they have done the research and realized that the risk is worth the potential reward. If you’re looking for the “no risk” option, you’re not being realistic. Overall, we take a conservative approach to most opportunities, but when it makes good sense and the risk is minimal, you have to be decisive and take action. If you don’t, if you become complacent or stagnant you will miss the best opportunities in your industry.

Whether you have an existing product or service or you’re just starting out, you have to stand out in the crowd. It’s an absolute must. Companies go out of business every day and the majority of them go out of business because they failed to be unique. They failed to stand out in the crowd. Don’t make that same mistake. If you’re having difficulty standing out in the crowd and finding ways to be unique with your product or service, contact us and will design a custom solution for you. If you don’t contact us, that’s okay too, just don’t be boring.

Stop Begging for Business

They don't see the value.

Now what? There are a lot of ways to go rather than continuing on the mouse wheel of defeat. 

Do Not Waste Time Begging 

There are few things more dehumanizing for a professional person than groveling for business. Refocus your energy, refine the value proposition, and market your offering more effectively. Do not do the same thing repeatedly and hope for a different result. That is insanity. If you have something that people want or need, they will look for you, find you, and contact you. Spend time making your offering a must have, a no brainer, the best choice. Make it easy for them to find you and contact you. People will want to work with you, instead of avoiding you.

Separate Yourself from the Beggars

 Listen. Be honest. Produce results. Say “no” in a tactful way when you need to. Train your team to do the same. Do all that you can, exceed expectations and provide excellent communication. Invest energy in separating yourself from the beggars and customers will quickly see the contrast between you and the pretenders that claim to do what you can. They will tell others and stay loyal.

Sales Is Cyclical. Stay The Course!

Obstacles are a part of any journey. Is sales any different? No. There will be ups, downs, and periods of inactivity. How we react in these scenarios really makes a difference between results or failure. When sales are down, people start to question their entire process. Some get frustrated and institute “sky is falling” changes. Often, people just give up. Panic, negativity, and fear are at root of sales failure.

Instead, stay the course and be productive every minute of every day. Do not abandon your strategy, especially if it makes good business sense, verified by credible analysis. Adaptation is a critical aspect of professional sales, of course. Yet, never veer so far of course that it distracts you from your destination. Rather, redirect the pressure of a sales drought into positive energy and stay focused on productive activity. If you do so, results will come in time. In fact, results may come in large quantity.

All you can do is your best. Professional people are in a state of constant refinement. Do not be surprised by a cyclical sales experience, expect it. Sales is cyclical. Stay the course!


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