Educate Your Employees About Cybersecurity

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Insights from the Chubb’s Third Annual Cyber Report.

  • There has been a 1,215% increase in the number of commercial cyber insurance claims over the past 10 years.

  • Only 30% of employees report their employer trains them about cybersecurity.

  • Most employees learn about cybersecurity from the media, family, and friends.

  • 59% could not identify credential stuffing, an attack by cyber criminals to programmatically target a single online user using an email address and multiple password attempts.

  • 72% could not identify Emotet, a type of malware which is designed to steal financial information and online banking credentials.

  • 74% could not identify Ryuk, a new strain of ransomware that infects the victim’s main computer systems and hides itself as a legitimate VPN user.

As cyber criminals become increasingly sophisticated in their efforts to breach company systems, a general understanding of these common attacks—and how they are enacted—can be extremely valuable.

By requiring employees to undergo annual trainings, much of which can be conducted online and limited to an hour, employees may be able to identify breach warning signs before they become full-blown attacks— allowing companies time to potentially intervene before significant losses occur.